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CCTV hosted the day group, Want to see you crew missed Ace, regret it

CCTV hosted the day group, “Want to see you” crew missed “Ace”, regret it
Last Friday, Zhejiang Satellite TV’s “Ace to Ace” season 5 ended, the Ace family joined hands with new friends, and representatives of the frontline anti-epidemic health care workers gathered to hold the “Ace Five Anniversary” celebration party.Everyone shed tears to say goodbye to the fifth season and look forward to the reunion of the sixth season.The “Ace Family” composed of Shen Teng, Jia Ling, Hua Chenyu, Guan Xiaotong and presenter Shen Tao this season has also formed a style characteristic that expresses emotion in laughter and becomes an old friend who accompanies the audience to spend a beautiful night every Friday.The fifth season of “Ace vs Ace” ends. As of this season’s finale, “Ace vs. Ace 5” has the highest ratings in a single issue2.853, average rating 2.15. Refreshing the highest ratings of variety shows since the opening year of provincial TV; the total number of ace main topic words + derivative topics reading of the whole network exceeded 380 billion, the hot search exceeded 800+, and the number of Weibo searches 108, creating a record high in the variety search program.In addition, “Ace Live Room · The Little Bear Comes to the Quest” network-wide views, live-viewing exposure, the number of on-demand broadcasts exceeded 60 million, and the total number of live short-play videos of official accounts exceeded 2 billion.Wu Lei shows.Director Wu Tong accompanied the “Ace” through five years of ups and downs. In an interview with Sauna Yewang, he said that “Ace” has been sincere and strives to satisfy all audiences with empathy and joy. The sixth season will also be inThis direction continues to be persistent and hard work, which is also the most precious place of “Ace to Ace”.”Want to see you” and many other guests gathered to regret the unexpected epidemic situation, which unexpectedly broke through the recording rhythm of this season’s “Ace to Ace”, and also made many originally invited guests unable to come to the scene for various reasons.”If there is no epidemic, the guests this season may be more satisfied.”” Wu Tong admitted.It is reported that before the outbreak, the program team has reached a consensus with the hit TV series “Want to See You”, and will achieve the most complete reunion of the team’s original creation on the “Ace” stage.”Want to See You” also specially filmed “Fan Wai Pian” for “Ace”, starring Ke Jiayan, Xu Guanghan and the ace family, “but because Hong Kong and Taiwan artists can’t come over, in the end we can only let Shen Teng and Jia Ling,Yang Di sang “Want to See You” on stage.This is our biggest regret this season.”The gathering of the” CCTV Host Day Mission “is also the key theme of this year’s” Ace “. Zhu Guangquan, Zhu Xun and other CCTV hosts have set aside a schedule, but due to the strict isolation of 14 days from Hangzhou to Beijing, they can only regret” abortion. “The “comedy theme” invited by artists such as Yue Yunpeng also failed due to the isolation policy. “Yue Yunpeng promised that if we need it next season, he will definitely come.”,” Chinatown Detective “,” Chinese Women’s Volleyball “and other crews have also been included in the invitation list.Wu Tong admits that many of the themes finally presented this season are “temporary ideas”, and can only rely on the influence of the “Ace” program and the Ace family, as well as the sincerity of the program team, inviting artists who can record in Hangzhou.”I really appreciate these guests for their help.”Zheng Shuang participated in the show.But in a special period, “Ace to Ace 5” also highlights the responsibility of TV media people.At the beginning of the resumption of work in March, the program team contacted the medical representatives of the frontline in Wuhan, and invited them to watch the recording online, becoming the first variety show in China to pay tribute to the frontline medical workers.Xiaodan, the wife of Wang Changliang, an expert in the critical care team of the Hubei Medical Team, and his two sons finally met their husband who had not seen them for a month through the program connection.After 90s, nurse Jiang Yenan secretly went to the front line without her family. As her idol, Hua Chenyu sang a song for her specifically, “You have to believe this is not the last day.””We are TV people and media people. In addition to entertainment, we also have a responsibility and responsibility.Wu Tong said frankly that after listening to the theme of anti-epidemic, many artists also actively participated in it.For example, Li Chen is an anti-epidemic volunteer, and he still flew from Beijing to Hangzhou when the isolation policy was strictest.Liu Yan also accepted the invitation for the first time.Jia Ling and Shen Teng contributed countless laughs.”Qing Yu Nian” and “Deep Rain” recapitulates the memory of “Ace Vs Ace 5”, which has led to the reunion of “Hua Zhu Ge Ge” after 23 years. “Deep Rain and Meng” gathers again.”Meteor Shower” Duan Mulei, Chu Yunet “warm hug” and many other unexpected “historical frame”.The hit drama “Qing Yu Nian” is also the most complete reunion of this season’s show.Starring Zhang Ruoyun, Li Qin, Tian Yu, Song Yi, Li Chun, Guo Qilin once again played in the play, and met the audience with the classic lines of the characters.The main supporting characters in the play are Xiao Wei (decorated heavily), Liu Duanduan (decorated as the second prince), Gao Shuguang (decorated as Fan Jian), and Han Haolin (decorated as Xiao Fanxian).The four MCs of the “Ace Family” also appeared as the protagonists of the “cottage”.Jia Ling’s version of “Chicken Leg Girl” met the genuine Lin Wan’er, Hua Chenyu covered the eyes and played “Five Bamboo” with full laughs; Shen Teng’s version of Chen Pingping and Guan Xiaotong’s version of the princess also collided with the protagonist in a wonderful spark.The crew of “Love and Rain” was reunited.The next season will invite the existing MC. On the closing night, each member of the “Ace Family” received a special gift: Shen Teng received the video of the staff of the program team opening their hearts to “praise”.A letter thanking Jia Ling for paying a lot as the “budget” of the show.Hua Chenyu received encouragement from Director Wu Tong; Guan Xiaotong received Jia Ling’s true confession.”Everyone is better this season.”” Wu Tong said frankly that these four MCs are very real artists, and there is no interpretation in the show.From the awkwardness and rigidity when the team was first teamed up last season, to this season, they knew each other better, and even dared to joke, and they were more intimate, “For example, in the first period when you guessed, Shen Teng andXiao Tong did not answer, Jia Ling, Huahua took the initiative to take the stage.At that moment the four of them were a family.Talking about everyone’s growth and change, Wu Tong said that Shen Teng and “Ace” have been working together for two years, and the program team has rated him as “the god of variety”.And this season, his performance in “Ace” is more familiar, gradually breaking through his “idol burden” and bringing other members together, “more like an elder brother.”Jia Ling said frankly on the show that she was participating in the program to” assist Shen Teng “, and Wu Tong said that Jia Ling was very friendly and very good at helping other members.” Last year Hua Hua, Xiao Tong did not speak, and Ling often pulled them.This year some guests did not like to talk, she also went to the guests to interact with them.”For Hua Chenyu and Guan Xiaotong, who have transformed from newcomers into” Ace “hosts, this season let the audience see more different aspects.Wu Tong said that Guan Xiaotong has experienced many twists and turns along the way, as well as outside discussions, the last season is still self-protection, but this season has completely let go of trust.Hua Chenyu is the most changed member of this season. From the last season, he carefully observed the audience, to this season he laughed confidently, tried film and television performances, and played games in harmony with other members.He also revealed on the show that “Ace” made his character more cheerful.”Huahua has completely regarded herself as a family member of the program group, and she has overcome experience in playing games, and is no longer a stage fright.”After the ending of the fifth season, regarding the regular guest selections of the sixth season,” we are definitely inviting these four first, and we very much hope that they are willing and have time to continue to join.Wu Tong said.-Interview with host Shen Tao-Tengge playing Lailuhuochunqing Sauna Nightnet: How have you felt after working with the ace family for two seasons?What surprises you this season?Shen Tao: In the two seasons of cooperation, I feel that the ace family is getting better and better. The tacit understanding of cooperation is constantly improving. Everyone ‘s characteristics are constantly being reflected in the division of labor.Sauna Night Net: Will you give water to the ace family in this season’s game?Shen Tao: There is absolutely no bias and release of water, because Teng Ge’s ability to play Lai is purely green, and the black can be said to be white by him. I don’t need me to help the boss.Sauna Nightnet: In this season’s recording, which classic reunion made you feel the most?Shen Tao: “Returning the Pearl” reunited, really chasing it, suddenly remembered that when I was watching this drama, I was still a child, and I felt the passing of time, and I can see that everyone in the drama is stillI am still working hard on my own path and I am very touched.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Tong Na proofreading Zhao Lin

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